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996 Turbo eRam Kit™


Don’t risk Power Steering fluid leaks into your engine bay or down the bumper. Extensively designed and engineered to permanently fix the overly complex and troublesome factory hydraulic mechanism.
Since 2015, our patented eRam Kit™ is the best permanent, economical solution for a fully functional wing!
WORKS EXACTLY LIKE THE FACTORY MECHANISM.  Up at 75 MPH, down at 37 MPH or with the switch.

996 Turbo eRam Kit™ Choices

Every eRam Kit™ comes preassembled – ready to bolt onto the 996 Turbo deck lid and wire up – works exactly the same as factory system. Why settle for a fixed or inoperable wing.  We offer several wing heights when deployed:

4 3/4” [120 mm] eRam Kit™

Provides SUPERIOR aerodynamic downforce, as the wing is up higher in cleaner air approaching GT2, GT3 and GT4 wings while improving rear wheel down force at higher speed. This eRam Kit™ raises the wing 4 3/4” above the decklid when deployed.  For the 996 Turbo Coupe, a full 2.4[54 mm] above the factory raised height. For the Cabriolet, the wing is 1.6″ [40mm] higher than stock.  Superior aesthetics – you can readily see the wing deploy in the rear-view mirror, observers can easily see your raised wing on the street or track.

Note:  When down, wing is 3/4″ above lid ducktail.   PURCHASE HERE

4 3/4″ [120mm] eRam Kit™ for 996 Turbo with 997 Turbo Wing

Provides ABSOLUTE BEST aerodynamic downforce, as the big 997 Turbo wing is up in cleaner air – just like the factory GT2, GT3 and GT4 wings.  Best rear wheel down force at higher speed. This eRam Kit™ raises the 997 Turbo wing 4 3/4” above parked position when up.  For the 996 Turbo coupe, this is a full 2.4” [54 mm] above the factory height or 1.6″ [40mm] higher for the Cabriolet. Impressive aesthetics – easily see the wing deploy in the rearview mirror, observers will take note of your raised wing on the street or track.  We recommend this eRam Kit™ for track use.

Note:  997 Turbo Wing not included (check eBay or web forum for wings).  When down, wing is 3/4″ above lid ducktail.  PURCHASE HERE

4” [100 mm] eRam Kit™

“Aggressive yet not excessive” providing very good aerodynamic benefit, as the wing is up in cleaner air like the GT2, GT3 and GT4 cars with improved rear wheel down force at high speed.  This eRam Kit™ raises the wing 4” above the parked position when deployed.  Sits flush when down.  For the 996 Turbo coupe, a full 1.6” [36 mm] above stock height or 0.8″ [20mm] for the Cabriolet. You can see the raised wing in the rear view mirror, observers will notice your raised wing on the street or track.  Recommended for track, twisty back road and cabriolet cars.  Our most popular version.   PURCHASE HERE

 3” [75 mm] eRam Kit™

This 3″ eRam Kit™ is 0.6” [15 mm] higher than stock 996 turbo coupe’s extended wing and is 0.2″ [5mm] LOWER for the cabriolet. Sits flush to the decklid when parked. This is a popular eRam Kit™ for those who want to retain more of a stock feel, with a nice look with the wing extended.   PURCHASE HERE

 2” [50 mm] eRam Kit™

For the 996 Turbo Coupe, this is the most economical solution for those who want to retain the 996 Turbo coupe’s modest factory wing extension height and look.  An economical choice for replacing a dead factory hydraulic system at about half the cost of a new factory mechanism – with all the added eRam Kit™ benefits.  When raised, the wing is 0.4″ [10MM] lower than stock on the Coupe.  NOT RECOMMENDED FOR THE CABRIOLET.    PURCHASE HERE


eRam Kit™ Options / Accessories / Tools

  • clock_PNG6628SuperFast Version™ Reduces up / down stroke time significantly. The wing travels up or down faster than the factory mechanism e.g. the 4 3/4″ or 4″ eRam stroke time reduced from 11 seconds to just over 3 seconds. The 3″ stroke time is under 3 seconds, while the 2″ eRam actuation time is less about 2 seconds. PURCHASE HERE


  • eRam-BootsDust & Moisture Boots Protect your eRam Kit™ investment.  These are a safeguard for keeping the electric rams dry, dust free and looking like new.  When ordered, come pre-installed on your eRam Kit™. Note; the color is from gray to black. PURCHASE HERE



  • Pin Wrench:  This tool is convenient for removing the wing from the factory hydraulic rams.  Makes the job of removing the wing easy and safer.   PURCHASE HERE



  • 996 Turbo Threaded Wing Lugs:  Your dealer cannot supply these items for the factory wing. Often owners revert to a working wing on their 996 Turbo, but a used wing may not have the threaded lugs. For those who need new threaded lugs to mount their factory wing to the eRams or factory hydraulic system. PURCHASE HERE


996 Turbo eRam Kit™ Details / Specifications

Quit spending time, effort and money on the troublesome factory hydraulic wing mechanism. Why risk hydraulic failure and subsequent leak of corrosive (and flammable) Pentosin® power steering fluid onto your motor or back bumper? The original factory hydraulic system can be rebuilt but can NEVER be prevented from failing or leaking fluid. There are far too many things that will go wrong (detailed HERE).
The robust all-electric eRam Kit™ can never leak and eRam Kit™ parts are easily removed with standard tools for servicing or upgrading…  

Your dealer charges over $3000 to install a replacement factory hydraulic mechanism. Our patented 996 Turbo electric eRam Kit™ consists of two pre-assembled electric rams that simply bolt onto the engine lid with absolutely NO modifications, and a tiny “MicroModule Device™” that connects to the factory wiring. Nearly plug and play!

The eRam Kit™ includes all necessary hardware and  illustrated step by step instructions are emailed once ordered. Works exactly like the factory mechanism. Upgrade from the troublesome factory hydraulic mechanism to the simpler, lighter, yet more robust eRam Kit™.  Available in four heights from 2″ to 4-3/4″ and two speeds, standard and SuperFast.


Now you can install a 997 Turbo Wing on a 996 Turbo

This isn’t possible with the factory hydraulic system.  Only with the eRam Kit can the 997 wing be bolted onto the back of a 996 Turbo!

Jon’s Seal Gray 996 Turbo’s eRam Kit™ with 997 TURBO WING

eRam Kit™ – designed for the Porsche® 996 Turbo

The fully assembled eRam Kit™ consists of two self-contained electric rams with all fasteners, electrical connections and tiny MicroModule Device™ with LEDs to prevent the spoiler warning.

Designed for easy installation and maintenance. No cutting, drilling or modification of any part of the car. Nearly plug and play! Easily maintained – no special tools needed. Easily modified (for instance to upgrade to taller rams or add Dust & Moisture Boots).  As mentioned by our customers, “How Porsche® should have done it.”

Designed with HEAVY DUTY, self-contained light weight electric rams having two built in limit switches in each electric ram (unlike the factory hydraulic rams) – greatly reducing the risk of failure. Our electric ram specification is difficult to meet.

Designed to work exactly like the factory system. Extends by using the console spoiler switch or upon reaching 75 MPH (120 K/h).  Retract with the spoiler switch, or upon slowing to 37 MPH (60 K/h).

COST EFFECTIVE – our eRam Kit™ is far cheaper than a new factory mechanism- and will NEVER leak or fail due to the many problems attributed to the hydraulic design. We have identified 13 failure points which can be reviewed HERE.

Installation of an eRam Kit™ takes about 2 hours for anyone with basic mechanical skills and tools. Most customers install the eRam Kit™ themselves. No mechanical or electrical modifications.

Watch the “SuperFast Version™” 4 inch eRam Kit™ in Operation


PATENTED, ORIGINAL AND BEST all-electric turbo wing system.  Even PORSCHE® dealers are getting in on this! 

  • Preassembled with everything needed for easy install:  eRam Kit™ and MicroModule Device™ spoiler warning prevention electronics, connectors and all hardware.  Under 2 hours for removal of the old hydraulics and installation of a new eRam Kit™.
    (Wing removal pin wrench not included – available here: PURCHASE )
  •  Robust – the self contained electric rams are designed for desert duty and have a duty cycle equivalent to stroking every 6.5 minutes for 10 years!
  • Works exactly like factory system:  Up at 75 MPH, down at 37 MPH, or by using the dash switch to raise or lower.  No more spoiler warning!
  • Four Height Choices:  2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch and 4-3/4 inch.
  • Two Deployment Speeds:  Standard speed and SuperFast Version™. The SuperFast Version™ eRam Kit™ is 4 times faster at deploying the wing up or down.  For example, the standard 4″ (or 4-3/4″) set takes nearly 11 seconds to go up or down.  The equivalent SuperFast Version™ takes just over 3 seconds!  Highly desired by those that track their Turbos.  Get to NEGATIVE LIFT FASTER!
  • Simple Installation:  Most customers install the eRam Kit™ themselves. NO MODIFICATIONS to your Turbo (no drilling, machining, filing, etc.)  Remove the old mechanism, remove 1/4 turn bolts, bolt on eRams, wire up and put the wing back on – it’s that simple. Illustrated step by step instructions emailed with purchase.  We are standing by to help if you have a question along the way.
    Don’t feel you have the mechanical aptitude?  Have one of our RENNKIT™ PREFERRED SHOPS install the eRam Kit – you can find them HERE.
  • Light Weight:  Save PRECIOUS WEIGHT at the very top back end of the Turbo – 1/3 LIGHTER compared to the OEM hydraulic mechanism.  Lowers the center of gravity at the back end of the Turbo!
  •  Cost Effective:   When compared to a new OEM system from your dealer, a much better bargain – with all the benefits of a much more robust and trouble-free system.  NO other wing elevator system compares in value or RENNKITs known customer service.
  • Safer:  Why risk a flammable/corrosive Pentosin® leak into the engine bay or down the back bumper.  Get rid of hydraulic troubles for good!
  • No Worries:  Two year limited warranty to original owner.  Warranty transfers.  Well known RENNKIT™ customer assistance.  Details HERE.
  • Upgrade Investment – Car owners that sell their “bone stock” Turbo always list the eRam Kit as a valued upgrade.

eRam Custom Heights facebook


Wing operation with an eRam Kit™ is identical to the factory system; either by using the dash SPOILER switch or when driving. Automatically deploys the wing up at 75 MPH (120 km/h) and down at 37 MPH (60 km/h).

The self-contained motor driven electric rams are designed for harsh environments and are protected from moisture or water with a dual-seal design. Adding the recommended Dust & Moisture Boots is cheap insurance that protects the ram motor and gearbox from dust, moisture and harsh engine bay conditions.

996 997 turbo warning wing not extendedIn the 996 and 997 Turbo owner’s manual, Porsche® states that the Turbo should not be driven without proper wing operation – the car’s aerodynamics were designed around an operational wing:





eRam Kit™ Specifications

  • Cycle Time Standard eRam Kit™:  4″ kit < 11 sec., 3″ kit < 9 sec., 2″ kit < 7 sec.
  • Cycle Time “SuperFast Version™“:  4″ kit < 4 sec., 3″ kit < 3 sec., 2” kit < 2 sec.
  • Input Voltage:  12VDC
  • Current:  < 5A at full load per side
  • Load Capacity:  Min. 35 lbs. per side, 70 lb. total.
  • Static Load:  2X Force
  • Duty Cycle:  Min. 25%
  • Operating Temp.:  -13°F to 149°F  [-25°C to 65°C]
  • Limit Switches:  Built in to each ram – user non-adjustable
  • IP Grade:  IP54
  • Low Noise:  dB < 45 (A)
  • Certified:  CE & ROHS
  • Clamps and flanges – Billet Aluminum 6061 T6
  • Weight eRam Kit™:  6.3 lb

Duty Cycle

The eRam Kit™ is designed for harsh environmental conditions. We developed a ridgid specification for the electric rams.  If you used your Turbo as a daily driver 5 days per week and took 4 trips per day on a highway causing the rams to cycle 8 times, that equates to 2,000 cycles per year, or 0.23 cycles per hour on average.

The patented eRam Kit™ has a very conservative 25% duty cycle.  Thus, you would be able to safely cycle your wing 300 times per hour.  This equates to a 1300:1 safety factor for a conservative duty cycle!

High Speed Testing

Many eRam Kits™ have been purchased by owners that track their Turbo. Faster lap times have been reported.  The eRam Kit™ performed flawlessly during multiple high speed trials over 200 MPH! Track and aggressive drivers usually opt for the 4″ or 4 3/4″ eRam Kit™ for the benefit of better down-force at the track. Height is similar to the GT3 and GT4 wings. Wing operation is stable with smooth and precise actuation.  Street or track, operation is exactly the same.  Note our track car had a flexible AERO-SPLITTER in the front (about $100 on eBay) – a nice balance to the higher rear wing!

Quicker lap times were achieved with the 4″ eRam Kit™ installed.  For the 996 Turbo, the wing rises 1.6″ [36mm] higher – in cleaner air for greater down-force at the back. We have several customers reporting faster lap times!

High speed track testing with the 4-3/4″ eRam Kit™ with 997 Turbo Wing took place over many weekends at Road America, Wisconsin while the 4″ eRam Kit™ was tested at the 2-mile Grattan Speedway, Michigan.  A 3″ eRam Kit™ was tested at the 2.4 mile Mid-Ohio Raceway:

SNAG-grattan 1005 doc  mid-Ohio

Aftermarket Airbox or Y-pipes?

Have aftermarket Y-pipe, boost hoses or airbox (Fabspeed, EVOMS, Turbokraft, etc.)? Generally these are fine with an eRam Kit™.  The Turbokraft airbox will only accommodate the 3″ or 2″ eRam Kit™.  We have a guideline to help you check, download HERE. Please contact us for further fitment info.


Rennkit™ MicroModule Device™
Prevents Spoiler Warning

FIXED WINGS or SPOILER WARNING ISSUE:  Our MicroModule Device™ is a great solution for 996 Turbo owners that have a FIXED WING or get the dreaded Spoiler Warning. For Turbos with integrated decklid and wing like the aerokit wing or other aftermarket wings. The MicroModule Device™ is easily hooked up to the factory wiring and PREVENTS all instances of the SPOILER WARNING. Less expensive than a new GT2 or GT3 lid wiring harness. Full set of illustrated step by step instructions emailed with order.
NOTE:  Included with every eRam Kit.


Climate Control Blend Door Repair Kit

for 986 Boxster & 996 Carrera/Turbo/GT3/GT2


Foam coming out your vents?  This is the only way to permanently repair the Hot/Cold blend door and eliminate disintegrating foam.   The blend door was never meant to be removed.  But our repair kit has everything necessary to complete the repair in under 2 hours.  Step by step illustrated instructions detail the whole process.  For those that are not handy with tools, this kit allows your shop to repair the blend door easily.


Rennkit™ HD Airbox Clips for 996 Turbo

Our Heavy Duty airbox clips are upgraded compared with the factory clips – made of durable CARBON FILLED PLA.  When installed they look similar to the OEM clips.  Set of 4.


996 Turbo / GT2 Side Intake Slats


Upgrade to a 997 Turbo Side Scoop look.  Comes with hardware and template for easy installation once prepped, primed and painted.  Small screws hold the fin in place.


996 Turbo
Replace the worn OEM gasket in 5 minutes. 

Not available from the dealer.  Replacing the rear light was the only option if the old gasket was shot.  Our slip-on gasket replaces the worn or cracked OEM gasket. The improved design protects the plastic light housing.  Not available from the dealer.  Easy slip-on installation – NO GLUE needed. Step by step instructions included.


TAIL LIGHT FIX – Set of 2 Flanges
996.2 Wide Body Models


Easy to install DIY installation. Flanges simply screw on over damaged housing using existing OEM screws. Long lasting black Carbon Filled PSA.  Get a set today to prevent taillights from falling out.  Step by step Instructions included – 5-minute job.





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