Bluetooth Retrofit Kit

Rennkit BTR – Bluetooth Retrofit™ kits for 1998 – 2011 Porsche Vehicles

Add Bluetooth capability to your factory radio

  • BTR-2 for Gen 1 986 Boxster / 911 (996.1 / 996.2) to 2002 (not fiberoptic)
  • BTR-2.1 as above plus Qi wireless charging pad for smart phones
  • BTR-3 for Boxster / Cayman / 911 (996.2 – 997) / Cayenne to 2011 with M.O.S..T. (Media Oriented System Transport) fiber-optics – NOT for PCM3
  • BTR-3PM for 987.1, 997.1 cars and Cayenne with PCM and hands free phone module – NOT for PCM3/CDR 30.

*Which factory head unit do you have?  Find the answer HERE.

BTR-2 Bluetooth Retrofit™ Kit

Adds Bluetooth capability to 996 GT3 – Turbo – Carrera – C4S – C4 – Targa and 986 Boxster through model year 2002.  Compatible with 1997 – 2002 factory head units with CD Changer. The idea is simple; include EVERYTHING in a kit to make the installation DIY friendly and provide the functionality for streaming or calling via Bluetooth while charging your device.  No external cigarette lighter converter or wires – powers up when key is on!  Perfect for enthusiasts who don’t want to add an aftermarket head unit to stream or call – the BTR kit retains the factory head unit and OEM look!



Model :
Year :


NOTE:  Does NOT work with the “MOST ” fiber optic units, like CDR-23 and PCM-2 found in 2003 onward vehicles.  Remote CD Changer is inoperable.  For CR/CDR 210 head units; this device will not work unless there is a factory CD Changer in the front trunk.

(Your BT receiver may look slightly different)



  • Keep the factory look – head unit remains in place!
  • Stream music from your smart phone
  • Make/Take Calls – Hands Free
  • Separate cable to charge your Apple or Android smart phone
  • Noise Isolator – ensures quieter, static free operation
  • Power Converter – no need to plug into cigarette lighter or recharge a battery – the Bluetooth receiver is POWERED UP whenever the ignition is on.  Will not drain car battery.
  • Connects directly to factory radio / head unit for true stereo input – NOT an FM modulator that sounds terrible and loses FM signal.

For the following head units:

  • Becker Traffic Pro, Mexico CD (7803, CC4325, CC4327, CD4337, CC4370)
  • Becker CR-22, CDR-22, CR-220, CDR-220
  • Becker CDR-210, CR-210 radios with CD Changer

For the following 1997 – 2002 cars:

  • Porsche 996 (911) Carrera / C4 / Targa / Cabrio through 2002
  • Porsche 996 GT3 / Turbo through 2002
  • Porsche Boxster (Gen 1 – 986) through 2002

Bluetooth-Retrofit™ Kit Contents:

  1. Bluetooth receiver with Ground Loop Noise Isolator
  2. Power Converter
  3. Connector cable to head unit CD port (CD Changer becomes inoperable)
  4. Charging cable with adapter for iPhone, iPad, Samsung or Android smart phones
  5. Head Unit Removal Keys
  6. Stepped drill bit
  7. T-taps, zip ties, Velcro, etc.
  8. Step by Step Illustrated Installation Instructions (emailed with purchase)

Warranty:  No worries; 2 year limited warranty, click for details

Easy Installation:

  • Pull out radio head unit with provided removal keys.
  • Optional:  Remove cubby shelf and drill a hole with supplied stepped drill bit
  • Route wires behind the console and secure
  • Connect power wires with T-taps
  • Connect BT Receiver to head unit (CD Changer becomes inoperable)
  • Mount BT Receiver / Mic






  • BLUETOOTH 4.0 HANDS-FREE CAR RECEIVER – Built-in Mic, Stream Wireless Music or calls from smart phones, tablets or Bluetooth enabled audio devices and play them through car audio system.  Includes noise isolator to reduce hum.
  • LATEST BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY – Supports pairing two smarts devices. Fully Backward Compatible. Full-speed transmission . You will never miss a call again!
  • PURE SOUND QUALITY – Built-in mic transmits your voice to your phone. Echo and noise canceling technology supply non-stop wireless stereo music streaming and clear phone calls.
  • EASY TO USE – It is easy to install the BTR kit and control it. Power to the receiver keeps it powered up. Pair with your phone. Set car radio mode to CD or AUX IN (if available).  Automatic power on and connect to the last paired device. Wireless music player controls – Play, Pause, Previous song, Next song, Volume Down, Volume Up; Talking controls – Answer or Reject calls. Music or call switching.
  • COMPATIBLE DEVICES – Receiver is compatible with all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iPod nano models, iPad mini, iPad mini and all Android smartphones and tablets including Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S.


 BTR-2.1 Bluetooth Retrofit™ Kit with Qi Wireless Charger

As above BTR-2 kit, but includes the Qi wireless charging pad for wirelessly charging your smart phone.  Attach charging pad to bottom of the console storage shelf and plug into the supplied connector. Charges your smartphone while you drive!  (NOTE:  Your phone must be wireless charging compatible – check with your manufacturer)



Model :
Year :
Head-Unit :

Note, Suitable for phones with built-in charging receiver, can be charged directly – check with your phone manufacturer for compatibility.

BTR-3 Bluetooth Retrofit™ Kit for M.O.S.T. Fiberoptic Audio Systems

For 2003 – 2011 era factory head units with the MOST fiberoptic ring. Add Bluetooth capability to 911 (996.2 – 997.1), 986.2 Boxster, 987 Cayman and Cayenne vehicles 2003 through 2011 with CDR23, CDR24, PCM2 and PCM2.1.  Must have CD Changer or Bose or shop reprogram.  The idea is simple; include EVERYTHING in a kit to make the installation DIY simple and provide functionality of streaming or taking calls via Bluetooth.  Perfect for enthusiasts who don’t want to add an aftermarket head unit to stream Bluetooth – our BTR kit retains the factory head unit OEM look.  Not for PCM3 / CDR 30.


For cars WITHOUT factory phone module.  Not for PCM 3 / CDR 30.


Model :
Year :
Head-Unit :


As above, for cars WITH optional factory hands-free phone module and PCM2 or PCM 2.1, select this BTR-3PM Kit.  Not for PCM3 / CDR 30.


Model :
Year :
Head-Unit :



  • Keep the factory look – head unit remains in place!
  • Bluetooth hands-free, A2DP music streaming
  • Make/Take Calls – Hands Free using provided mic
  • USB / SD Card Music Playback
    • Supports up to 64 Gb FAT32 Card
    • Up to 5 folders with 999 songs in each
    • Song filename displayed
    • .mp3 and .wma music file supported
  • Full integration with PCM menu

For the following PCM and CDR head units:

                   CDR24 / CDR23 w/ CDC                                                    PCM2 / PCM2.1

NOTE:  CDR-23 and 24 MUST have CD Changer in the frunk
(or Bose with Programming by Dealer)
NOT FOR PCM 3.0 or CDR 30


For the following 2003 – 2011 cars:

  • Porsche® 996.2 / 997.1 (911) Carrera / C2 / C4 / Targa / Cabrio / GT3  / Turbo / GT2
  • Porsche® 987 Boxster /  Cayman
  • Porsche® Cayenne to 2011

BTR-3 Kit Contents:

  1. BTR-3 Module
  2. Mic and cable
  3. Aux connector cable
  4. FO Connector cable to head unit CD port
  5. FO Connector loop cable for CD Changer
  6. 12V Wiring kit
  7. Removal Keys (Only for CDR23 single-DIN Head Units)
  8. Zip ties, 3M tape, etc.
  9. Step by Step Illustrated Installation Instructions and video links (emailed with purchase)
  10. Extra Bypass Loop (Only for BTR-3PM Kit with factory phone module)

Handy with tools and have done this before? Easy DIY Installation:

  • Remove panel in frunk – add FO loop cable to CD Changer Connector
  • Pull out head unit (use provided removal keys for CDR-23)
  • Remove side panels to center console
  • Connect 2 power wires to module wiring with connectors provided.
  • Connect BTR-3 Module to head unit with supplied FO connector
  • Mount BTR-3 Module





Warranty:  No worries; 2 year limited warranty on BTR-3 Module only, click for details

Important Compatibility Notes:

  • NOT for PCM 3.
  • If a factory CD Changer device is installed, the BTR-3 kit is compatible.
  • If a PCM unit has BOSE, the BTR-3 is compatible.
  • For CDR-24 with CD Changer in the frunk, or with dealer/shop reprogramming (Many dealers/shops do not know how to activate).  On some PCM units the CD Changer (CDC) feature must be activated by dealer, or shop with a PIWIS or Durametric device – contact your dealer or shop to see if this is possible.
  • Some cars did not include factory CD Changer – but are “CD Changer Ready”, these cars are already compatible with the BTR-3 and do not require dealer activation.  This information would be listed on the window sticker for example.
  • CD Changer in frunk will be disconnected and cannot be used.
  • Phone book sync not supported.
  • On some PCM units, factory phone module must be bypassed if you do not intend to use it.  Select the BTR-3-PM Kit for cars with hands free factory phone module to use the supplied microphone.


It is recommended that a professional car stereo shop install this device.  If your car’s electrical system begins to behave unpredictably, immediately disconnect the BTR module physically and have the system checked by your installer or electronics professional. RENNKIT™ and its authorized distributors and retailers are not liable for any incidental, consequential or other loss and do not assume liability for any diagnostic fees or repair costs.

The use of handheld devices while driving may be subject to government regulation.  Please ensure that your use of the BTR device is compliant with applicable traffic laws. Rennkit™ does not assume any liability for any event resulting from the illegal or irresponsible use of handheld devices while driving.  RENNKIT™ reserves the right to modify its products or specifications without prior notice.


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