986 – 987 Cayman/Boxster

  • Wing Extenders™

  • Bluetooth Retrofit™ Kit

  • Suspension Parts

  • AUTO-BLiP – throttle blip

  • Shift Knobs

  • AC Switches / PCM Knobs

  • Grill Sets

987 Cayman (& Boxster*) Wing Extenders™

Rennkit Wing Extenders™ add an additional 1″ (25 mm) to the factory or aftermarket wing for a more aggressive look. For the 2006 – 2012 987 Cayman.  *Can be used on Boxster with a Cayman Wing.


987 Cayman (or 986/987 Boxster with Cayman Wing) Wing Extenders™

Year :
Model :

Wing Extenders™ help improve down-force.  They integrate with the factory

shafts perfectly:  Same satin look – seamless extensions.  All hardware and detailed illustrated installation instructions included.  For any aftermarket wing that attaches to the factory shafts!


 Wing Extenders™ on a 987 Boxster with Cayman Wing!




Bluetooth Retrofit™ Kit

BTR-2 Bluetooth Retrofit™ Kit for 986 Boxster

For Boxster  through  2002. Add Bluetooth capability to your factory head unit.  The idea is simple, include EVERYTHING in a kit to make the installation DIY simple and provide functionality of streaming or taking calls via Bluetooth while charging your smart phone.  No cords or chargers – powers up when you turn the key on!  For Gen 1 Boxster factory head units. Perfect for enthusiasts who don’t want to add an aftermarket head unit to stream Bluetooth – our kit retains the factory head unit and OEM look.

More information/order HERE


BTR-2.1Bluetooth Retrofit™ Kit with Qi Wireless Charging for 986 Boxster

For Boxster through 2002. Like our BTR-2 above, with added wireless charging pad for your smartphone.  No need to plug in to charge up!

More information/order HERE

BTR-3 Bluetooth Retrofit™ Kit for Boxster/Cayman

For Boxster / Cayman from 2003 through 2011. Add Bluetooth capability to your factory head unit.  Interfaces with the MOST fiberoptic system.

More information/order HERE


Cayman & Boxster Suspension

Adjustable Coil Overs

Fully Adjustable Coil Overs are designed for specific use conditions, from high performance street to all out racing.   Precision built using only the highest quality materials.

Six different set-ups from HP Street to Super Circuit Racing

Click on an item below to learn much more!

S1 – Street
SP – Sport
P1 – Asphalt Rally
R1 – Racing
DR – Drag Racing
SR – Super Racing

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Cayman & Boxster Engine Mount Upgrade

Choose between 3 hardness levels:

1. SOFT (60A) | Orange – for added performance and to restore and preserve your OEM mount with minimal NVH

2. SPORT (70A) | Yellow – for tuned and sport-oriented performance street cars, with less NVH than TRACK version

3. TRACK (80A) | Black – for optimized performance on track and racecars where NVH is not a consideration

Engine Mount Inserts – $129

Model :
Series :
Hardness :

The OEM engine mount was designed for ride comfort and is prone to sagging

and tearing.  Its empty voids allow for excess engine movement, resulting in sloppy handling, numbed responsiveness and imprecise shifting.  We offer the most effective and easy to install solution for the Porsche Boxster and Cayman.  The durable urethane rubber insert slips in place, preventing premature bushing wear and undesirable engine movement, all while transmitting minimal added noise and vibration.

Handling is taut and predictable; power delivery is immediate and smooth; gear changes are crisp and confident.

Installation takes about 1.5 hours for the 986/987 and about 1 hour longer on the 981 as access to the front bolts from inside the cabin front engine cover is necessary.  Pressing out the stock engine mount bushing is NOT necessary since the insert halves slide in from either side and are held in place by the engine support brackets.

Notes: Although the inserts will help prevent the OEM bushing from tearing, if the rubber bushing is already torn, it will need to be replaced. The inserts serve as a supplement to the bushing, not a replacement. In case of extreme bushing sag, a vise or C-clamp with adequate lube will aid in installation of the inserts. (The 986 series bushings have a tendency to distort and sag over time.) The OEM bushing and engine carrier is shown for illustrative purposes only and is not included with the Engine Mount Insert.


AUTO-BLiP – Blips your throttle during downshift!

AUTO-BLiP automatically blips the e-throttle when downshifting a manual transmission. AUTO-BLiP monitors accelerator pedal sensor, brake pedal and clutch pedal to blips the e-throttle when both brake and clutch pedals are pressed simultaneously. AUTO-BLiP reduces mechanical wear and tear on manual transmissions, improves vehicle stability when downshifting gears and eliminates the need for heel-and-toe technique. The easiest way to improve lap times!

Vehicle Series :

2″ Custom Shift Knobs  (Cayman and Boxster)

5-Speed Knob (986 Base Cayman)

Choose Shaft Color, Knob Material, Color and Pattern Paint – $184.99

Shaft :
Knob :
Paint :

6-Speed Knob (986 Cayman S, 987 Base Cayman and Cayman S)

Choose Shaft Color, Knob Material, Color and Pattern Paint – $184.99

Shaft :
Knob :
Paint :

And the fine print…  Parts are warranted and shipped from Function F1rst – details can be found HERE.

Replacement HVAC Switches and Radio Knobs


Replacement PCM Knobs + Fan/TEMP Switch Kit

Set of 2 PCM radio knobs and 2 Fan/TEMP Switches.  Kit comes with set of 2 knobs and 2 Switches (FAN and TEMP) as shown above.  Under 30 minutes to make your console look NEW again. SAVE IF BOUGHT TOGETHER!
For the following models:
* Boxster 987 with PCM – 2005-08
* Cayman 987 with PCM – 2006-08

Vehicle Series :

Replacement FAN / TEMP Switches

from this…

to this…

Set of two (2) Switches (TEMP & FAN)  Great solution for worn out Fan & Temp switches. Bring back that new appearance to your car. Installation takes less than 30 minutes, easily accomplished.  For 997, 987 and Cayman models.

Vehicle Series :

Replacement PCM Head Unit Radio Knobs

Are your PCM knobs sticky? Cleaning them may remove the black coating. Set of replacement radio knobs for PCM units, comes with the left and right knobs.  Original Porsche Part (OEM)

Fits the following models:
*Boxster 987 with PCM – 2005-08
*Cayman 987 with PCM – 2006-08


*Buyer pays for return, shipping expenses not eligible for refund.

Grill Sets

The front grill is an essential part of your Porsche 987 Cayman in order to keep debris out of your radiators.  Rear and Side Vent Grills also available.  Easy installation from the OUTSIDE unlike other grills.  Directions sent upon purchase.

Find your grill set HERE

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