Carrera GT eRam Kit

NOW AVAILABLE!(Patent Pending)

Finally, a permanent solution for a broken wing that only elevates on one side or does not extend all the way.  Don’t risk Pentosin® fluid leaks into the engine bay or rear quarter panels. We offer the only PERMANENT SOLUTION for the overly complex and troublesome factory hydraulic mechanism. LOOKS AND FUNCTIONS EXACTLY THE SAME as the factory’s overly complex mechanism. The world’s ONLY economical and permanent solution for a fully functional wing! The patent pending Carrera GT electric eRam Kit™ wing actuation system consists of two self-contained electric motorized rams that replace the non-rebuildable hydraulic cylinders within each wing upright. The rest of the hydraulic system is removed to save precious weight. The eRam Kit™ includes all necessary parts and illustrated step by step instructions. Upgrade from the troublesome factory hydraulic mechanism to the safer, simpler, lighter and more robust eRam Kit™ system.  And remember our logo:  NO MORE HYDRAULICS!™

This is the overly complex and troublesome factory mechanism (note left side will not go up):

All of that is replaced with the elegant all-electric eRam Kit™

The Carrera GT eRam Kit™ comes with two self contained electric rams, fittings, fasteners and electrical connections.  The center sliding plates are slightly modified – but this does not prevent return to the hydraulic rams in the future.  Easily maintained – no special tools needed – eRam Kit™ parts are no problem to replace or fix.  We do recommend you hold on to the old hydraulic setup – put it in a waterproof plastic container – include it with the sale of your Carrera GT should you ever sell the car!  We will return your elevators to the hydraulic rams should that be a requirement to sell the vehicle – AT NO CHARGE!  That is how confident we are with the eRam Kit™.

HEAVY DUTY, yet light weight eRam Kit™ has two built-in limit switches within each electric ram – greatly reducing the risk of failure. Functions exactly like the factory system; extends by using the dash switch or once reaching the wing up speed. Retracts with the dash switch, or upon slowing to the wing down speed. If any factory limit switch fails (as they do) – the electric ram has a back up switch!

COST EFFECTIVE – the eRam Kit™ is far less expensive than a new factory set ($24,500) – and will NEVER leak or fail due to the multiple problems associated with the hydraulic OEM mechanism. We have carefully identified over 13 failure mechanisms, which can be reviewed HERE. Installation of the eRam Kit™ is straight forward. No electrical modifications – simply plugs into existing electrical connections.


  • ONLY all-electric wing actuation set (patent pending).
  • Robust – the self contained rams are designed for desert duty and have a duty cycle equivalent to stroking every 6.5 minutes for 10 years!
  • Works EXACTLY like the factory system:  Up at 75 MPH, down at 37 MPH, or by using the dash switch to raise and lower.
  • Lighter Weight – Saves PRECIOUS WEIGHT at the very top and back of the Turbo – 1/3 LIGHTER compared to the OEM hydraulic mechanism.  Reduces center of gravity at the very back of the Turbo!
  •  Cost Effective – compared to a new $24,500 OEM system from Porsche, yet a more robust and trouble-free design.
  • No Worries – two year limited warranty – see bottom of PURCHASE page for details.

eRam Kit™ Specifications

  • Cycle Time Carrera GT eRam Kit™:  ~3 sec.
  • Input Voltage:  12VDC
  • Current:  < 5A at full load
  • Load Capacity:  22 lbs./ 100 N / 10 Kg
  • Duty Cycle:  25%
  • Operating Temp.:  -26°C to 65°C
  • Limit Switches:  Built in to each electric ram – user non-adjustable – back-up for the factory limit switches
  • IP Class:  IP65
  • Clamps and flanges – Billet Aluminum 6061 T6

Calculation of Duty Cycle

The eRam Kit™ is designed for fairly harsh environmental conditions.  If you used your car as a daily driver 5 days per week, and took 4 trips per day on a highway so the rams cycle 8 times, that would be 2,000 cycles per year, or on average 0.23 cycles per hr on average.

The eRam Kit™ has a very conservative 25% duty cycle.  Thus, you would be able to safely cycle the wing 300 times per hour.  In effect, there is a 1300:1 safety factor on an already conservative duty cycle.

High Speed Testing

The eRam Kit™ performs as designed at many high speed track trials (over 200 MPH in a modified 997 Turbo)! Many eRam Kit™ installation are on Turbos that are tracked. Wing operation is stable with smooth and precise actuation. Street or track, operation is exactly the same.

Middle Sliding Plate Modification

The bore has to be slightly modified on one side of center hole.  This does NOT affect re-installation of the hydraulic rams for factory OEM operation. Rennkit™ can modify the bore, or you can take to the sliding plates to your shop for modification. We offer both solutions.




Remove hydraulic lines and ship both elevator mechanisms.  We machine, assemble, bench test and ship back the entire assembly with the eRam Kit™ installed ready to mount in the car. Complete illustrated step by step installation instructions sent with order.


We send a complete eRam™ kit.  Your shop machines the center plates per our CAD drawing and assembles the eRam Kit™ into the elevator assemblies for reinstallation in the car.  Complete illustrated step by step installation instructions sent with order.