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BTR-2 Bluetooth Retrofit Kit for 996.1 996.1 Turbo – Carrera – C4S – C4, Targa and 986.1 Boxster era vehicles. The idea is simple, include EVERYTHING in a kit to make the installation DIY simple, AND provide functionality of streaming Bluetooth while charging your Android or iPhone.  For 1997 – 2001 era factory head units. Perfect for enthusiasts who don’t want to add an aftermarket head unit to stream Bluetooth – our kit retains the factory look.

NOTE:  Does NOT work with MOST fiber optic systems, like CDR-23 in 2003 onward vehicles.

Luis was a Beta Tester, Click HERE to download a pdf showing his install with a CDR-220.
Factory 996 & 997 Turbo / GT2 OEM Radio/CD/PCM Option List, download HERE.



For the following head units:

  • Becker Traffic Pro, Mexico CD (7803, CC4325, CC4327, CD4337, CC4370)
  • Becker CR-22, CDR-22, CR-220, CDR-220
  • CDR-210, CR-210 and PCM1 radios must also have a CD Changer port

For the following 1997 – 2002 cars:

  • Porsche 911 Carrera/C4/Targa/Cabrio
  • Porsche 911 GT3
  • Porsche 911 Turbo/GT2
  • Porsche Boxster and Boxster S

Kit Contents:

  1. Bluetooth Transceiver with 12 VDC Transformer and connector cable to head unit
  2. Head Unit Removal Keys
  3. T-taps, zip ties, Velcro, etc.
  4. Installation Instructions (emailed)

Warranty:  One year limited warranty, see for details

Installation Requirements:

  • Requires removal of radio head unit with supplied removal keys, removal of cubby shelf and drilling a hole with supplied stepped drill bit, routing wires behind the console and securing, connecting up power wires to existing wiring, etc.  If you don’t feel you have the know-how, contact one of our Preferred Shops HERE.
  • Factory Head Unit:  Works in Porsche vehicles with:  Becker Traffic Pro, Mexico CD (7803, CC4325, CC4327, CD4337, CC4370), CR-22, CDR-22, CR-220, CDR-220.  Does NOT work with MOST can-bus systems, e.g. CDR-23.
  • Radio must have a CD Changer port (even if there is no CD Changer in the car).
  • Factory head unit with CD option (will use the blue plug) on the back:

Blue plug for CD changer (your vehicle may not have the CD Changer itself) 

  • If you have a single disc head unit player – the CD player will work, use the AUX function for BT.
  • If you have a remote multi-disc CD player, it will be disconnected from the head unit and becomes unusable.

BLUETOOTH 4.0 HANDSFREE CAR TRANSCEIVER – Built-in Microphone, Stream Wireless Music or calls from smart phones, tablets or Bluetooth enabled audio devices and play them through your car audio system.

  • LATEST BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY – Supports pairing two smarts devices at once. Fully Backward Compatible. Full-speed transmission and low power consumption. You will never miss a call again with this Bluetooth car adapter!
  • PURE SOUND QUALITY – Built-in microphone transmits your voice to your phone. Echo and noise canceling technology supply non-stop wireless stereo music streaming and clear phone calls.
  • EASY TO USE – It is easy to setup the car kit and control it. Power to the transceiver keeps it powered up anytime the key is on. Pair the Bluetooth receiver with your phone. Adjust the car radio mode to CD or AUX IN (if available).  Automatically power on and connect to the last paired device when starting the car. Wireless music player controls – Play, Pause, Previous song, Next song, Volume down, Volume up; Talking controls – Answer and reject calls. Music or call switching.
  • COMPATIBLE DEVICES – Transceiver is compatible with all iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and iPod nano models, iPad mini, iPad mini and all Android smartphones and tablets including Galaxy Note, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S

For Porsche head units without MOST fiber optics (e.g. CDR 23). 


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Warranty:  One year limited warranty, scroll down on for details.


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